18 04 2010

Pre production: doco

Short Synopsis:

We’ll Explore Parkour in detail and determine how safe Parkour is, why people are so interested in it and how much work is put into the Sport as well as other short topics

Expository over footage of Parkour.

There is no interviewer just them answering questions.
Shuffle the interviewees same question answered one after the other by different people

Target audience:
our doco is for everyone but we’re predicting it’ll attract a younger generation who are active in sports or want to be.

example Questions to ask:
How they got into it
What jobs they can get
Any injuries from it or do they know anyone that has
What’s the most dangerous thing they’ve done
What they get out of it
How many people do it


Starts with fast shots and fast music, then fades into an explaination of parkour from one of the parkour instructors.
The interviews will be Chopped into questions and then footage, keeping the documentary interesting.
Have an interview of questions that cuts into footage but still has them on a voice over answering questions.
Bloopers or shots of them failing, interview of people saying how dangerous it is like doctors or council members and anyone against it and reasons for being against it such as the mayor of geelong
Smo, an instructor for au parkour association.
Paul Jane, manager of sports and rec, Geelong
urban areas eg: Melbourne
Jump London – director Mike Christie
Parkour in District 13 – Julie Angel


Hidden Fortress Treatment

20 03 2010

Two clans are at war, Yamana clan have lost their castle, the Princess has escaped and there’s rumors that there is gold hidden around the captured castle.

Starts with two peasants with failed plans on how to profit from war, they argue and split up. Tahei (one of the peasants) finds the borders are guarded closely by soldiers that will kill him if he gets too close. Matashichi (the other peasant) finds out that the princess Yukihime of the Yamana clan is missing and a reward of 10 gold pieces is on offer for her capture. 3 gold for information on her whereabouts.

Both peasants are captured and sent to dig for gold in a castle, during a riot against the army Tahei and Matashichi escape. Later on they try to start a fire with wood they found near by, the wood doesn’t light properly and they throw it away, it snaps and they see that it contains gold inside. They continue to keep breaking wood, finding more gold as they do, they realize that they are being followed by a stranger.

The new character reveals himself as Rokurato, the legendary Samurai from the Yamna clan, he has them do meaningless tasks to decide if they are worthy to escort the Princess and her gold.

The peasants occasionally see the Princess but aren’t told who she is, Rokurato tells Yukihme that she should pretend to be a mute when they travel because she speaks like a Nobel and that would cause suspicion.

Along the way Rokurato meets an old friend and they have a fight, Rokurato wins and doesn’t kill him. Later they are captured and Rokurato’s friend lets them go free.

While unattended by Rokurato the two peasants decide to join a wood burning festival to be better hidden while carrying the wood with gold hidden inside it, but while at the festival they are forced to throw their wood on the fire, in the morning they have to collect it from the ashes and head off.

They are split up once again, the peasants are called to a castle for an unknown reason to them, they meet Princess Yukihime and Rokurato as they were before the war and the peasants are given one piece of gold to share, they give it to each other symbolizing that gold isn’t everything

Avatar Treatment

20 03 2010

A voice over of the main character “Jake Sully” explains how he has lost the use of his legs and there’s surgery available but he cannot afford it, then explains how he can get the money by taking over his twins place in an army science experiment to gather an element called unobtanium.

The ship Jake Sully is on arrives at the planet called “Pandora” and quickly learns that its a very dangerous place to be, Jake makes a deal with the army leader to swap knowledge with him and in return Jake would have the surgery he needs to get the use of his legs when he goes back to earth.

Jake gets inside an Avatar body and he can walk in it. Him and two scientists who are also in Avatar bodies go into the forest, Jake gets lost and meets the real Na’vi creatures that live on Pandora. They decide that Jake will learn the ways of The Na’vi and Neytiri (the one that found him) will be the one to teach him.

Jake passes on knowledge to the army leader on how to destroy a sacred tree, the lead scientist finds this out but can’t do much because Jake is closer with the Na’vi than she is, she decided to take him away to the legendary floating mountains so he can’t talk with the army leader.

It’s here where Jake has a change of heart and falls for Neytiri, he stops one of the construction machines and this causes conflict back at the base.

The army ends up destroying one of the sacred trees of the Na’vi and the Na’vi blame Jake for his betrayal, he tries to show them he is on their side by capturing the most feared beast on Pandora, he then gather’s up a lot of clans of the Na’vi to make a big stand against the humans.

There is a big battle and the Na’vi win, Jake is converted permanently into his Avatar body and most of the humans are sent back to earth.

Review of Alice and Wonderland

20 03 2010

If you go to see this movie expecting it to be as good as the original one, you will be dissapointed.

When the first Alice and Wonderland came out it was so unique and I remember thinking “wow nothing can compare to this” which is why I went in to the movie disregarding the old one.
The story line is about a late teen thinking she is going insane because she keeps seeing a rabbit in a waistcoat and having strange dreams, it’s set in the victorian era and is quite a nice story line.
The visual effects are quite realistic with the exceptions of a few characters that looks like they tried to adopt the voice artists face too much and looks like a real persons face on a comic body.
My favourite character was Chester the cat that could disappear part or all of his body, I was glad that he was more in the movie than the original, unlike some of the other characters he didn’t have a real face, he was completely comic with a smile that was unrealistically big. The animation on Chester was realistic, unlike the horses in the movie which I thought could of been done a little bit better, they were jerky where Chester was smooth. My favourite thing they did with Chester was the disappearing and reappearing where they made him look like he turns to smoke.

Hello world!

22 02 2010

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